Invest in agribusiness with more efficient risk analysis

A comprehensive risk analysis platform with the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify the best partners and develop successful strategies

Highlights of our technology

 Producers and clients with verified transactional history

6 scoring bases to reduce investment uncertainties

Over 25 automatically-generated documents for background checks

Analysis of different public and private data sources

The most comprehensive solution in the market at your disposal

The best way to invest in agribusiness is with Traive

Platform designed by experts in technology and financial intelligence for better credit decisions.

Integrated receivable origination

Invest in qualified receivables and access the best agribusiness partners.

Intelligence with data enrichment

Consolidated reports from data from multiple sources or through bidirectional integration with ERP.

Receivable management

Traceable receivables and more efficient management in CRA and FIDC operations for agribusiness.

Automatic financial statements

Gain speed, broad visibility, and simplicity when analyzing the financial situation of producers.

Screenshot of Traive's Financial Statement, which shows the rural producer’s financial information. It includes short and long term debts, assets, and total revenue.

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