Digital Credit

Traive's™ Digital Credit

All agricultural credit management services and connections in one place, from order to payment.

Our proprietary technology connects lenders and borrowers while allowing 100% digital management, automating processes, managing risk, and making your business more efficient, faster, and sustainable.

Efficiency and technology are provided to input suppliers and input manufacturers

Enhancement of operational effectiveness.

Automated document management and analysis powered by artificial intelligence allows your team to remain focused on results while quickly applying for credit.
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Risk-management technology

Reduced the risk of delays and defaults using unique models and analytics based on big data and machine learning. Monitored in real-time, with each producer's portfolio managed on a personalized basis.
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Everything at one place

Our team of experts and professionals handles document and credit management, CPRs, agricultural monitoring, and consulting with Serasa & Boa Vista. As a result, you communicate with a single source, ensuring enhanced data protection and administration.

The entire credit process is connected digitally and all in one place

smart loan

your credit in a quick and straightforward way

document search
& management automation

greater produtivity for your team

credit risk

your credit risk monitored 24 hours a day


decision-making process according to your own needs


your collaterals 100% digital


integrated, simple, and automatic process

dynamic monitoring

remotely monitoring your credit


integrated BI for credit monitoring

traive's™ app

all services at your fingertips, your team, and your clients


receivables trade on the capital market